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Blended & Redeemed Groups

The vision of BKF is to provide every blended family with a local church and group to receive equipping and support both spiritually and physically.

What is a Blended & Redeemed Group?

We believe that God designed individuals to live and thrive in community with each other. A small group is a great way to foster those important relationships. Because blended families often feel isolated and overlooked, even in the local church, a class or small group focused on the unique needs of blended families is a vital source for encouragement, support, and spiritual growth.

“The Blended & Redeemed small group absolutely saved my marriage. My wife and I were separated when we joined. We know without a shadow of a doubt that God led us to the group and our marriage is better and stronger than it has ever been. Our bond is stronger, we approach situations together, it’s made me a better husband and father to all of my kids as well as made me a better pastor to the people I encounter…. We plan on starting our own small group in June at our house and cannot wait to pour into other families that are struggling with the same obstacles we have overcome.”

– Phillip C.

Why does my church need a Blended & Redeemed group?

Statics tell us that 30-40% of members in a church are part of a blended family. This shows us that the church has a huge opportunity to support and love on blended families. Unfortunately, the vast majority of churches do not provide any ministry specifically geared toward the adults, teens, and children in these families. We want to highlight this opportunity for churches and equip them in their efforts to do so.

We envision a future where all blended families have a church or group to receive the love and support of a community. Our hope is that churches of all shapes and sizes would understand not only the need to minister to blended families, but also the value and vibrancy that blended families could bring to their church. Small groups cultivate an environment of trust, intimacy, and support. They help blended families become a thriving part of the body of Christ.

Blended Family Groups

Find a Blended & Redeemed Open Group in Your Area

Below are the current open groups that are meeting or will be meeting in the near future. If you do not see a group in your area, don’t worry. Groups are being added all the time! Click here if you would like more information, and someone from our team will be in touch with you soon. If you are interested in hosting a home group or class at your church in your area, keep reading below!

Athens, GA

Dec 16,
Sundays 9:15 am
Childcare Provided 
Group Leaders:
Shane and Kimberly Smith
Group Location:
Southside Church
Athens, GA

Noblesville, ID

Aug 31,
Group Leaders:
Brandon and Leah Brewer
Group Location:
Life Church – Noblesville Campus
2200 Sheridan Road
Noblesville, ID 46062

Clarksville, TN

Aug 12 – Oct 7 ,
Mondays 6:00 pm
Childcare Provided 
Group Leaders:
Scott and Lindsay Schmitz
Group Location:
LifePoint Church
Clarksville, TN

San Angelo, TX

Jun 04, 2024- Aug 06, 2024
Tuesdays 7:00 pm
Group Leaders:
Oscar and Laurie Guerrero

Group Location:
San Angelo, TX 76904

Start a Group in Your Area

Blended Family Groups flow chart

BKF has created the curriculum, tools, and support you need to start a Blended and Redeemed group for the blended families in your church or community. In addition, you will receive emails to encourage you and to provide important information. We will also be available to answer questions and offer additional resources.

Connect with us today, and we will help you start and lead a small group from beginning to end!


To supplement and enhance Blended & Redeemed: The Go-To Field Guide for the Modern Stepfamily, we have created a Study Guide for individual and group use.

The Study Guide includes a leader’s guide to help you successfully lead a small group in your church or home. It contains an outline to follow each week, along with questions to discuss in your group.

We also provide a free Pastor’s Guide (PDF download). Streaming video segments are also available for use in your church and/or small group. You can purchase the books, study guides, and video segments in bundles at a discounted price.

Blended Family Resources, Blended & Redeemed, Blended & Redeemed Study Guide, and 10 Study Session Videos for Step-families